How to Induce a Natural Miscarriage

Do you think you have an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy?
If you think you might, what are your Reproductive Choices?
  1. Safe Reproductive Choice: Do you not have access to safe medical abortion in your state or country?
  2. Surgical Reproductive Choice: Is surgical abortion illegal or very difficult to obtain where you live?
  3. Affordable Reproductive Choice: Can you not afford to have an abortion?
  4. Past Reproductive Choice: Have you had a negative abortion experience in the past?
  5. No Reproductive Choice: Were you forced into having sexual intercourse that led to your pregnancy?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above questions then you might be interested to learn more about natural ways to induce a miscarriage . . .

  1. that are inexpensive or even free!
  2. that have been used by women over many generations!
  3. that can be used in the privacy of your own home!
This site provides reproductive information on:
  1. Women’s Reproductive Wisdom: Natural Miscarriage Herbs, supplements, dietary options, and other exercises or techniques that are known to cause abortions in women.
  2. Women’s Reproductive Safety: Information on warnings and possible side-effects for different abortion methods.
  3. Women’s Reproductive Choices: Information on when and how to uses miscarriage methods, how they work and effectiveness.

Each miscarriage method has been researched by pro-choice volunteers, female health experts and has been updated based on feedback from women around the world.

Reproductive choice is a woman’s right and it is our goal to provide safe, reliable, and accurate information for women in making this important and personal choice.

Many women did not even choose to have the sex that led to their pregnancy. We receive thousands of stories from women who have been raped, drugged or otherwise forced into unwanted sexual contact. Even these women do not have the right to reproductive choice in many nations across the world.

We use our right to free speech to provide women with information and choice no matter where they live in the world. As long as you can access a computer we will provide you with information and choice so the you can choose to be pregnant or not. That is our promise to ALL women.

Access to Reproductive Choice: Natural Miscarriage Methods
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