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Financial contributions play an important role in keeping this website up to date and available for all women world-wide.

Being a Member supported website allows us to update new data from the thousands of women who access this site as well as fact checking from our Feminist Volunteer Researchers.

Whether you are pregnant and seeking a miscarriage or are simply a woman or man who sees the importance of providing reproductive choice for ALL women in the world as long as they can somehow connect to the internet.

We invite you to be part of this effort:

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  2. “I understand that my payment grants access for 10 women in need as well as myself.”
  3. “I acknowledge that my payment helps to support Natural Methods research which benefits ALL women world wide who access this site.”

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I do not need this information but I wish to support Reproductive Rights for Women around the world!

Many men and women see the issue of reproductive rights as one of the central issues facing our planet. Not only do many current laws deny women the basic right to their own body. But unwanted children create many problems in an already overpopulated world.

Our goal is to provide information to All women in All countries so that they can make Their choice regarding whether to bring more life into the world or not.

We welcome your donation!