Helping Women Around the World with Reproductive Choice

How can I help with Reproductive Justice for Women?

With women's reproductive rights under assault in America and elsewhere in the world, it is important to be part of the fight to allow women control over their bodies.

There are two main forms of support:

1) Let People Know. Especially Women.

a. Social Media: Post about us from your website, Facebook Page, Women's Group, or other social media. You can link to this site or write about it. Let women know about the work we are doing in the battle for making freedom of reproductive choice available to women around the world.

b. If you have a website or blog use our TEXT link:

Title: Natural Abortion: Private choices and methods for women facing an unwanted pregnancy.
Description: Natural safe and private alternatives to women who do not have access to legal or affordable abortion choices. A continually updated database of natural reproductive choice methods based on the reports of thousands of women from around the world.

c. Banner Link:

Natural Miscarriage Choice

2) Become an Angel with Financial Support

If you are not seeking a Natural Miscarriage but would still like to support our work you are welcome to become an Angel Supporter.

3) Volunteer with us: Help Women around the World

Our promise is to provide information to women on how to induce a miscarriage that is continually updated for safety and effectiveness. To this end, we have had a steady stream of volunteers from around the world who have helped us. Feel free to be a part of this virtual community of pro-choice volunteers by helping us as a virtual volunteer.

On-Going Volunteer Projects:

  1. Research, update and review current content on the site.
  2. Outreach to non-English speaking women by implementing landing pages in Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and other language regions where women don't have access to legal and safe abortions.
  3. Proof-read, review from You Are Not Alone stories submitted to the site daily.
  4. Analyze data submitted by women for publishing on the website and in future book projects that highlight abortion globally from a pregnant woman's perspective.
  5. Analyze women's pregnancy stories database and create statistical reports on archived data to indicate social trends and global patterns.
  6. Research abortion and free speech laws in various countries.
  7. Ongoing fact-checking of methods and updates to the site based on women’s feedback.
  8. Online Analytics and SEO for website
  9. Using social networks for outreach to women in need especially in developing nations and the USA.
  10. Raising political and feminist awareness of website contacting relevant women's organizations in the world

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