Female Miscarriage Testimonials

Miscarriage Testimonials from around the World

Ms Patel from India

I am very thankful to you. Your help was successful. I am safe and happy now. The things that worked are: First it was the grace of God, all the divine angels and all the good souls that have helped me; Secondly I am thankful to you for being such a good instrument of God to give relief and freedom to us; The ginger tea worked. Also the foot massage has worked nicely.

In fact this time when my periods came late I tried the massge point and I got them the very next day. I am really very thankfuyl to you for you sweet love and all your prayers and all the friends of yours who are working together to help people like us. May God bless you and your family. May you always be happy.

Jill, age 33 from United Kingdom

Female Reproductive Empowerment in Nature
Natural Miscarriage Methods for Female Reproductive Empowerment

I had been using the rhythm method for years without any unwanted pregnancies. I was recently off work with fatigue and during this time I messed up my dates. I am in no position to have children and was very sad when I got a positive pregnancy test. I immediately booked in for a termination but the waiting was driving me crazy so I started researching. I liked this site and decided to follow it. I did this for a full week. I started getting cramps and bleeding heavily within 48 hours. This was over 3 weeks ago and I am still bleeding.

However, despite lots of visits to hospital and scans and appointments I have had my first negative pregnancy test today!!!!! I am so relieved that I have managed to have a natural miscarriage and so grateful for the advice on this site. I wish I had the courage to share my experience with friends but abortion still carries a lot of stigma even in my country. Good luck to you all. Stay strong ๐Ÿ˜‰

Rocio from Mexico

I was late for 7 days. I took a pregnancy test and was positive, so I start to search the web for information, because am not able to have a medical abortion (It's ilegal), so I found you. Many thanks. I used the reflex point, visualization and made peace with God as soon as I reed this page, the next morning I drank the ginger root tea and also a Ruda tea (Ruda is an aborting plant in my country) and also used the parsley juice 4 times, and succesful have my period 3 days after the start day. It works.

Christina, age 24 from Arizona, USA

It definitely doesn't happen overnight, but I believe consistant use of certain techniques you are comfortable with will work. Don't start, stop, and start again unless your body tells you to do so. I tried different methods consistantly for two weeks (mostly herbs, Vitamin C, and the pressure points) and when I started feeling my body tingle (it was the same feeling as when you have the flu - although that was the only symptom I had), I stopped and was looking into medical abortion. 5 days later, literally the DAY I was going to make my appointment, I noticed a little blood. Two days later large clots. Still bleeding now, and I welcome it ๐Ÿ™‚ I am thinking of you all!!

Jessica, age 28 from Texas, USA

This website saved my life. Thank you so much. I took the vitamin C (probably more than recommended because I was so afraid) used reflexology, intense exercise and uterine massage and this morning my long awaited bleeding occurred. It was much more uncomfortable than usual, but I almost cried from relief.

I once underwent a medical abortion and it was the most terrible, embarrassing, shameful and painful thing I have underwent. A natural miscarriage was much easier for me mentally, emotionally and physically. Thank you for what you do for women.

Liv, age 43 from Australia

I am glad I found this site. I have a child entering uni and there was no way I going to go thru it all over again. I followed all the steps I could do at home and believe the reflexology and massage helped the most. I also double up on the vitamin C intake, hence the slight dizziness. Within 24 hours of following the guide given, i started bleeding. Thank you once again for making all this information available to us.

Ananda, age 25 from India

I had taken the emergency contraceptive pill after almost 65 hours of unprotected intercourse. so as they say u cannot rely on it as the chances of conception is very high when ECP is taken so late. Eventually i got worried and on day 24 & thought that if the egg is fertilized i can at least avoid implantation.

I started taking vit C with lot of physical activity, exercise & doing everything which will increase body heat. on day 26 I got desperate and started abdominal massage, pressure points, Ginger, fennel, parsley, sexual stimulation and finally got it in other 2 days on day 29. Thank You very much...

Liz from New York, USA

I recommend this website HIGHLY. Anyone seeking help should absolutely take advantage of the quick start action plan, because it worked for me. I made a notecard labeled with each thing I planned to take, for the alotted amount of time for each one and checked it each time I did it for that day, and when the time ran out for it, I went to the next method.

It helped me keep track of what was going into my body. I cannot stress how important I believe it was to talk to the child spirit (see: visualization techniques), after I did this I felt that it understood that I was acting out of love, and allowed things to progress naturally without any harm to me. Thank You, infinitely. This is wisdom that I myself will pass onto my daughter one day.

Denise from Florida, USA

I've had a medical abortions before and it was a horrible situation (it even worse when you get a DOCTOR THATS PRO-LIFE.They pro-long the service and even share to much information with you concerning the pregnancy).

So I said to myself, what methods did our ancestors take? And I stumbble upon this wonderful website. I tried the vitamin c method and after the very first dose I started spotting and by the second day the natural abortion was totally active. I felt no pain and had no complications. Thank You for saving my life. I plain to share this with others. You guys are the best!

Susan from California, USA

Hello, I want to tell you that i followed the instructrions in the book and my menstruation came several days later and even though the menstruation last 10 days and was heavyer than normal, and some tissue came out, it work fine. the only thing was more thirst and a bit dizzy for a few days, and felt weak with menstruation and more cramping, but at least i don't have worry any more. thank you for your natural method, it's safer and easier than clinical method. and it works! Thank you!

Kaila from the Marshall Islands

I never confirmed my pregnancy with a doctor, but a woman knows when her body is changing. Especially if she has had children before. I took vitiman C a day and drank ginger infusions as well. It took just over two days to work and I could not have been more relieved.

I am living in the Marshal Islands. Axcess to some of these herbs and teas is unheard of and abortion is enough to be shunned and excommunicated. I was so relieved to find this site and hear what other women has experianced. I am so grateful to the other woman out there sharing their stories, it helped me to understand that I am not alone and that was a great comfort to know someone else was going throught the very same thing, perhaps at the very same time. Thank you.

Vicky, 18 from Texas, USA

I want to tell you that i did the vitamine C for 4 days and my menstruation came several days later and even though the menstruation last 10 days and was heavyer than normal, and some tissue came out, it work fine. the only thing was more thirst and a bit dizzy for a few days, and felt weak with menstruation and more cramping, but at least i don't have worry any more. thank you for your natural method, it's safer and easier than clinical method. and it works!

Stephanie from Canada

As a young woman who is not married I was incredibly scared about what I was going through. I did not want to have a surgical abortion, but I also know that at this point in my life I will not be able to give a child the proper care it requires. By following the advice in the book on how to have a natural miscarriage I felt like I had some control over the entire process. I am completely comfortable with my decision and I am so thankful that it worked.

Andile from South Africa

I just want to say this website helped me out a lot and i am very thankful for the women and/or men who have designed it. I think what you are doing to help the women in the world is very generous and kind of you. Thank you for all your help from the bottom of my heart.

Latisha, 29 from Washington DC

My thanks for your help, and your book seemed to do the trick. Within two days of taking copious vitamin C and regular massage, I did indeed miscarry.However my doctor thinks this may be due to my size (USA size 0) and the abuse I had put my body through in the three months prior to this.

I do not know for sure - but within an hour of both the vit C and massage I had stomach pains, and within two days everything had gone. This left me both profoundly relieved, and a little guilty, I must confess. However this was infinitely preferable to having to go through with a termination, which I would absolutely have had to had.

Natalie from Georgia, USA

A little about myself, I am the mother of a two year old and a 6 month old. I am in the process of leaving my emotionally abusive husband. The last time I left I discovered that I was pregnant and felt that I should come back. Not this time! As soon as I realized that I could be pregnant breasts were tender, had a little nausea, and my period was a little late I started taking vit c tablets every two hours.

After two days I started taking black cohosh with the vit c every two hours. Then I started using the pressure points that this site suggested and started cramping. Within hours I started bleeding. I am still cramping a bit and I am a little dizzy (attributing that to the extra dose of vit c and black cohosh). Keep in mind that black cohosh tastes TERRIBLE! I tried the tea but it just made me vomit from the taste of it (much like moldy potatoes dipped in an ashtray id imagine) But the tablets are fine and make sure that your vitamin c does not have rose hip in it. This is a typical ingredient added to it to prevent miscarraige. good luck!

Ms Gonzales, 35 from Panama

Hi, Thanks...it does work. Finally. Just like you said to take ginger root, but I decided to use both ginger roots and vitamin c juices (a lot of 'em...I belched too much after drinking whole bunches of juice)...get kinda dizzy at first few days....then stomach cramps and abdomenal cramps, came the diarreha, then migraine headache, finally the last one came first bright red then heavy bleeding. But at least, I'm glad.

My hubby is surprised, he is glad that I don't have to go through the pain of suction during abortion process or wake up feeling groggy and weak if they put me to sleep. We know the time is not right to have additional kid since we have 2 and it's hard to add one more. We need more time and find and keep job before we can start having one or 2 more kids...for now we limited to 2 our daughter and our son. Thank you very much for the help I need. Keep up the great work. I like the taste of Ginger Roots..yummy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Donna from Pennsylvania, USA

My 16 year old daughter begins college in September and pregnancy was not her intention... but she is very sensitive to hormones and we were not happy about the use of the abortion pill if it could be avoided. I promised her it was an option and while we waited I gave her rutin and vitamin c. (Early on we did accupressure and ginger tea but didn't keep it up)

After about 5 days i also spoke to the baby spirit- it seemed only considerate!- and that day my daughter told me she had begun bleeding actually while i was doing that. (she didn't know, in fact) a couple of days later the bleeding was still thin so I tried again. At that moment the bleeding became heavy and painful and my daughter's entire mood changed as I guess the hormones altered. I felt much better too about not just sending the spirit away in a careless fashion, as i guess I did when I was younger. My daughter had been due to take the abortion pill the very next day. Can't thank you enough, and wish you luck in spreading the word, and gathering more techniques. Kindest regards

Lauren from Illinois, USA

i thank you for your wonderful website i was at my lowest when i found you and you gave me hope and a natural choice that has worked. i would like to wish all you girls who are going through this all the luck in the world its not an easy decision to make and only you know deep down what is the right choice for you dont let anyone else innfluence you. thank you again.

Azlina from Malaysia

I have been pregnant for 4 weeks n 5 days.. my husband & are not ready to have baby yet. I just started taking Vitamin C pills 500mg for 3 hours.. i have heavy stomach cramps & bleeding slightly.

Krista from Ohio, USA

I am at a point in my life where having a baby wouldn't do either of us any good. I have grown up in the church and have always thought abortion was a mortal sin. I am a college student [struggling] my parents don't provide any finacial support what so ever and I don't talk to them much. I have been homeless before and got myself through it while still attending college as a full time student.

The only things that have gotten me through was god and the will power to want a better life. I love the father deeply and we are not married yet. He is very supportive and there for me and says no matter what I decide but I just don't think its fair for the baby to have to be brought into the world like this. I hope people that are pro-lifers understand because I was that way once but when you are then put into the situation you find yourself understanding more and realizing you just want the best for everyone including the unborn baby.

Jennifer from North Carolina, USA

Ladies, I was in shear desperation when I began this search. I had to find a natural method. I am so appreciative for this site. I will be giving a donation. Okay here is how it began. 3 weeks after intercourse I had this hot feeling come over me. I have a 1 year old so I am familiar with the early pregnancy woos. I felt my body begin to warm and I had this disgusting taste in my mouth, like the way I felt with my daughter. OK, I began to panic.

I got online once I got myself together and found this site. Before my eyes were actual methods I could immediately use (THANK YOU, THANK YOU). I took Vitamin C immediately and drank a 1/2 cup of aloe vera juice. I did three sessions of flex point, and I could only take doing two sessions of the uterus massage. I prayed and sent messages to the spirit. I told him I do want him and I feel we will all be so much happier if he can wait a while longer. I told him I wanted to make sure he has a father that loves him deeply and will always be there for him. This afternoon my cycle came on. I immediately began to pray and give Thanks.

Maria, 27 from Mexico

I want to personally thank you very much for sharing your methods with me as it had a possitive resolt with no side effects, either physical or psycological. You ask me to share my expirience with you. I just decided to start with a big dose of Ginger tea as I had a root in my house, plus I added ginger powder to it. Plus the foot massage. That did it. I felt a little intoxicated and with body temperature changes, but after a day of drinking a lot of water I was OK. Now, one month later, I got my period, just normally. So I want to thank you for beleiving in nature. Peace for ever

Fiona from the United Kingdom

Thank you so much for this website. I feel every women should know about the other alternatives out there to enable more women to take full reproductive responsibility for themselves.. i am fortunate to live in england and have 4 or 5 different medical methods to choose from but still no natural alternatives or education... this was the least traumatic and most empowering method i have tried.. please let me know if there is anything i can do to promote alternative help to other woman so they too may choose when to have children and make every child a wanted and loved child.

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