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 Privacy Policy & Mission Statement

In this statement, are details of how and why we collect the information that is given to us by visitors to this site.

Under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, we are using our right to free speech to provide miscarriage methods and information in support of a woman's right to reproductive choice.

Our effort is focused on giving a female as much information as possible so she can make an informed decision to terminate her pregnancy if she chooses to do so.

These methods have been sourced from various herbalists' cultural traditions and teachings. Most are natural and all are non-surgical. Women from ALL cultures have faced the issue of unwanted pregnancy and have used many methods. Some have been passed down through the generations.

Our Mission is to give all women the necessary information to choose as to whether they can induce a miscarriage naturally. Just because these methods are natural does not mean they are harmless. Some of these methods have unpleasant side effects.

Because we have no control over how this information is used please note that Natural is not responsible for any side effects that result from following these procedures to induce a miscarriage. As a woman, you must make a conscious choice about whether it is better to have your baby or whether you want to try to miscarry even with the possibility of side effects. This is very dependent upon your circumstances and the culture you come from.

However, the methods can work. See Stories from Women Who Succeeded in Naturally Inducing a Miscarriage

If you decide to exercise your right to free choice and use these methods please take care. Be sure to drink plenty of liquids and think positively.

We are not liable for the success or any side effects that may occur when trying these methods.

It is your right as a woman to make your own choices about whether to have a baby or not.

We wish you the best in your decision.

Paid Access Supporters does not sell, rent, or give away any of its customers' names and/or addresses to anyone at all.

Our Female Privacy Policy stipulates that we will never contact you unless we are answering a practical question about using the site or accessing the information on the site!

Completing the Confidential Questionnaire for Access

We only ask for general contact information (like email address), demographic information (like their country or age, etc), and statistical information (like whether birth control was used or whether the sex that led to pregnancy was consensual, etc) as well as invite them to share their personal story.

We do NOT ask for personal identifying information such as name or address.

As part of our Female Privacy Policy, we recommend the following. If a woman who is sharing her story is concerned about her anonymity, she uses an online email service such as Gmail or Yahoo mail which can be set up anonymously so that her privacy is further protected.

Data from this questionnaire is used to improve the reliability and effectiveness of the information we offer.

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Compassionate Access Questionnaire
Women who are unable to pay can receive free access after completing a confidential questionnaire. Personal stories and statistics on unwanted pregnancy from around the world help us to improve the safety and effectiveness of these methods.