Consent status of women regarding the sex that led to their pregnancy

In the cases of unwanted pregnancy, we analyzed from 2013-2018, female sexual consent was largely influenced by the stress they endured. Female sexual consent was heavily influenced by region, religion, age, alcohol, and drug use. The chart below illustrates the relationship between these factors and sexual consent.

By clicking on the different tabs below, you can get a more accurate view of female sexual consent around the world:

  • Women who are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs are more likely to be sexually assaulted or even raped.
  • The country where a female is a very important factor affecting female sexual consent. For example, women in North America and Europe have higher rates of sexual consent than women from other continents. The reason for the difference could be explained by the empowerment that comes with female economic and educational achievements, as well as cultural influences.
  • Countries with little data may not reflect the actual situation faced by local women. Some data comes from foreigners who live in those countries either permanently or temporarily.
  • New-age women or atheists have a higher rate of sexual consent, and Muslim women seem to have the least control over their consent.
  • Women who use marijuana appear to have more control over their sexual consent compared to alcohol. Alcohol intoxication tends to create a more dangerous scenario for women.
  • Other Drugs refer to chemicals that are more dangerous compared to marijuana and alcohol such as cocaine and heroin. These drugs tend to cause a significantly higher rate of women feeling discontent and non-consent in the sexual experience that led to their unwanted pregnancy.
  • Older women tend to have a higher rate of sexual consent compared to women who are in their teens or twenties.
    62% of the data received came from women under 25 years old.


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