Negative Consequence Breakdown

Negative Consequence Breakdown

Women with unwanted pregnancies face different hardships depending on where they live. Problems can arise from their families, from their partners, and from their economic and social circumstances. Women who choose abortion vary according to age, religion, location and ethnicity.


While we have only published a limited selection of data from the thousands of reports we received, the conclusions below are an analysis of all the data on the various difficulties faced by women:


  • Greater relationship stability with the man who impregnated them tends to decrease the hardships faced by women with an unwanted pregnancy
  • Male support plays an important role in a female’s decision to continue with or terminate her pregnancy.
  • Women who consent to sex significantly face much less possible penalties than women who don’t.
  • Financial hardship is the most important penalty faced by women with an unwanted pregnancy
  • Hispanic women face the highest rate of dropping out of school when they have an unwanted pregnancy
  • Arabian and Indian young women face the highest probability of marrying the man who got them pregnant.
  • Asian, Arabian, and Indian women face a relatively higher rate of penalties imposed by their families.

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