Natural Miscarriage FAQ

1) What is Natural Miscarriage?

Naturally induced miscarriage is the act of using a combination of herbs, vitamins, massage, visualization, and prayer to cause the body to miscarry or abort a fetus without mechanical or surgical intervention. The body itself is induced to expel the fetus.

It is safe and natural with minimal side effects. It is very inexpensive. It can be done in the privacy of home. The methods we provide are ones that a woman can use by herself, without the involvement of anyone else.

Natural abortion has a long history. The Greeks and the Romans had many herbal potions that they used for abortion. Many traditional cultures that still survive today have used natural abortion for centuries.

2) Are these methods legal?

The information offered in the Natural Miscarriage website is protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution which guarantees Freedom of Speech. Many countries have laws protecting freedom of speech. We take advantage of this right.

Our effort is to provide information under our right to free speech to allow any woman from any country the right to choose whether she wants to have her baby or not. We believe that it is immoral and wrong for any society or religion to force a woman in early-term pregnancy to give birth to a child she does not want.

3) Are these methods safe?

Most of the Natural Abortion methods in the eBook are safe and without any serious side effects. We also have a Health Follow-Up Questionnaire of user responses that allow us to continue to improve both the directions, side effects, and effectiveness of each method.

That combined with our own continuing research, feedback from health experts, women's organizations, and even "Pro-life" individuals allows us to be a central resource of information and support for women thinking of this important decision.

What we do is offer 'some choice' to women who have very little or no choice. Volunteers who work on this project and the women who access this site both know that they are continually making the site safer and better.

Currently, women die all over the world because they have no choice. And many women tell us of the horrible unsafe methods they were using before visiting our sites.

Millions of women in the world who visit our site have no choice at all. A Muslim woman facing death in Saudi Arabia for being pregnant out of wedlock tends not to be as worried about potential side effects as a European woman who also has more choice.
For ALL women we have carefully researched and gathered data so they have choices that are more healthy than 'throwing myself down the stairs' or 'having my boyfriend punch me in the stomach' as a 'method' to miscarry. As these examples show, in the absence of choice women (and men) will try very extreme methods to terminate a pregnancy.

4) Are these methods effective?

Many of the methods of inducing abortion are simple and can be used immediately. In fact, we recommend doing some of the exercises and diet changes right away if you suspect you have an unwanted pregnancy.

The methods are most effective the sooner they are used. So you don't have to wait for another missed period. You can start right away!

Please see our Female Testimonials page from women around the world who have used these methods.

5) How long after conception can I use the methods?

We don't recommend using the Methods in pregnancies of over 2 months. In fact, they are most effective is as soon as you even suspect you have an unwanted pregnancy.

6) What if the methods don't work?

If a woman is pregnant and the Methods don't work she will know within the first two months or less and she can still elect to have a medical abortion. In fact, the methods of Naturally Inducing a Miscarriage are meant to work within about 20 days.

This allows you time to prepare a backup plan should the methods not be successful. As long as you do not use the Last Resort Methods you should have minimal side effects.

Also, we have not heard of any reported side effects of any woman who decided to bring a baby to term after using the methods of Natural Abortion.

However, as we continually state, this site depends on the feedback of all woman who uses this information. All feedback whether positive or negative is used to ensure further effectiveness and safety for women in the future who use it.

Our mission is to continually improve the reliability and safety of the information that we offer.

7) Can I really do this at home?

This site gives information to women who want to know about inducing a miscarriage at home safely and effectively. For many women in America where abortion is supposedly "legal" the shame and trauma of going through an anti-abortion picket line to get into the clinic is simply too much.

Women in Muslim or Catholic countries do not even have a clinic to go to! In fact, many women cannot tell their family or friends because they would face severe penalties.

However, this information is not meant to eliminate your health care provider who should optimally be your ally in this process and support you through it. If that is not possible, then you can technically use these methods alone though we would recommend you tell someone you trust so you have a personal backup.

8) Can I use these methods for birth control?

We do not recommend it. Natural does not intend to remove your responsibility in preventing pregnancy. Obviously, birth control is very important since not getting pregnant is the best way to avoid abortion.

This is why have also created the sister website on feminist and sex-positive contraception: Ecosensual Natural Birth Control.

9) I have a  question about my personal situation. Can I contact you directly for abortion advice?

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the information we provide, we cannot give any personal advice or perform any service that could help someone induce a miscarriage.

We provide information that is protected under freedom of speech laws but we cannot directly advise a woman on her personal situation because that would open us up to the accusation of being a "clinic".

Let us be clear. We are NOT a virtual abortion clinic. We are a feminist enterprise providing data and information under our right to free expression to allow a woman to make HER own choice on whether to terminate a pregnancy.

This is also why we do not respond to personal emails as we cannot personally respond to or advise any woman who asks us a question about her situation. We can only respond in general.

10) Is a surgical abortion better or worse than a natural induced miscarriage?

In a perfect world that respected women's reproductive rights, a surgical abortion is easier and more effective. However, depending on where you live in the world, the chances of having a surgical abortion without negative feedback are slim.

In fact, in most of the world, a woman does not have access to surgical abortion. And if she does,  her experience is very dependent on the politics of the region in which she lives.

'Abortion shaming', even by staff who are part of the surgical process is a very powerful deterrent. Nurses, doctors, and other medical staff may not even say anything at all. But simply the attitude they display when communicating with a woman with an unwanted pregnancy can be traumatizing in itself.

In the USA there is the additional burden of demonstrators outside many abortion clinics, especially in the US. This is a reason why many women will not seek a surgical abortion even if they live in an area where it is legal.

If you have access to a location where surgical abortion is legal but there is the possibility of abortion shaming try to seek the support of an 'Abortion Doula'; a woman or man who supports you in your decision and goes to the clinic with you and defends your choice to any staff who may differ.

11) Who created this site and why?

Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community

This site was created and managed by the Hedonisia Hawaii EcoFeminist Community. EcoFeminist Interns came from around the world to share their expertise and research abilities. This allowed us to continually improve the quality of information offered on this site.

On May 26, 2018, the Hedonisia Hawaii Community was destroyed by the Kilauea volcano eruption. Please support our Rebirth Hedonisia Crowdfund for us to return and rebuild when it is safe and feasible to do so.