Reproductive Justice: A Global Issue

Reproductive Justice: For Women in the World
A Global Challenge for Women

As can be seen from an international breakdown of abortion laws around the world, this is truly a global issue.

However, many women do not want to be involved in politics or religion that tells them what to do with their own womb. They simply have a unique personal story that has led to their unwanted pregnancy.

Since we started this web project we realized very quickly that there are literally millions of reasons why a woman would want to end her pregnancy. Here is a small sampling of the thousands of stories we receive daily from women around the world.

Any person reading these stories, no matter how they feel about abortion will realize what a complicated issue abortion is.

Read these stories with compassion for they were written by women at an extreme time of stress in their lives who are seeking reproductive justice.

All punctuation, spelling, and grammar have been left as they were. Only personal details have been changed such as names to protect the identities of these women.

Pregnant Women who did NOT Consent to Sex . . .

Pregnant Women who Consented to Sex . . .

  1. Women who used Condoms
  2. Women who were on the Pill
  3. Women who are Pregnant with Health Issues
  4. Women who have Too Many Children
  5. Women who are Pregnant and Poor
  6. Women who would have to Drop out of School
  7. Women whose Partners Refused to Wear Condoms

Religion-Related stories of Pregnant Women seeking an Abortion . . .

  1. Hindu Women seeking a Natural Miscarriage
  2. Muslim Women seeking a Natural Miscarriage
  3. Christian Women seeking a Natural Miscarriage

Women who face Negative Consequences from being Pregnant . . .

  1. Negative Family Consequences for Women Pregnant Out of Wedlock
  2. Pregnant Women Who Experience PTSD from Past Surgical Abortions
  3. Tried Dangerous Abortion Methods