Reproductive Rights Abortion App Developer

Do you have plans to create a Reproductive Rights Abortion App for Women with Smartphones?

We are seeking a Mobile App Developer to help us create the world's first Reproductive Rights 'Abortion App'.

Women's reproductive rights are under greater threats than in the past. Especially since the onslaught of the Covid 19 virus, access to abortions decreased in many countries and regions of the world as it is not seen as an "essential" procedure by the male politicians and legislators who deemed it so.

We are seeking a feminist Mobile Abortion App Developer! They can be of any gender. However, they must be supportive of gender equality and women's reproductive rights.

Most Mobile App Developers we have interviewed are male identified. However, after a number of interviews, we realized most men are simply not used to dealing with 'women's issues'! One of the guys we interviewed claimed to be a feminist because he had a girlfriend!

Outsourcing the project to places like India where male developers are even more uncomfortable dealing with intimate women's issues is even worse. Often male developers tend to see our project as just a job rather than something more! With very little personal empathy or support for the project they tend to want market rates which are very expensive!

I am a man and I am shocked at how male centered, tech development is. To find a male programmer who can be enthusiastic talking about women's menstrual cycles without seeming weird is like searching for . . . a unicorn!

We would rather take the extra time to set up a relationship with someone who sees the implications and importance of what we are trying to do rather than just doing a job!

Using content from this site we wish to create an interactive app that helps women at this most critical juncture of their lives.

If you are a Mobile App Developer proficient in either the Android or Apple platform and you support women's reproductive rights we'd like to hear from you!

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