Women Pregnant on the Birth Control Pill

Women Pregnant on the Birth Control Pill

Though it may seem surprising, many women get pregnant on the birth control pill.

Female from Maryland, USA 

I have a son, which I had. He's special needs.... there is no way I can have another baby right now. I wouldn't be able to care for my son the way needs me to. I do not work becuase of his condition so i can not afford an abortion. However... I know I should have been smarter and even though I am on birth conrol I should have used double protection. Please help.

  • Family Reaction: beating from father or another family member, dis-owned by family, kicked out and put on the streets with nothing
  • Age: 20-24
  • Ethnic Group: Caucasian (White)
  • Reason for Pregnancy:I had consensual sex with someone I cared for, I used birth control but it did not work
  • Birth Control Used: Birth Control Pill

Female from Massachusetts, USA

 I just got this job and the sex I had was a one time thing, I have not seen the man again. I am alone and my family is devoutly religious I cant even tell them I may be pregnant.

In addition I have many health issues that make pregnancy not available for me and I need to end this immediately. I work for a church and my insurance company would contact them I would lose my job and I am in danger of losing my place to live right now I can not afford to have anyone know and I can barely afford to feed myself

  • Family Reaction:dis-owned by family, I would lose my job if I missed a day of work
  • Age:40 or more
  • Ethnic Group:Mediterranean European
  • Birth Control Used: Birth Control Pill

Woman from West Virginia, USA 

I thought that birth control pills keep you from getting pregnant, but in fact they work the opposite on me for some reason, I have got pregnant 2 times when I was on birth control.

I have one live birth and one stillborn, I am not ready to have another child, because I am scheduled for a hip replacement in a few months, this is twice they have tried this surgery and every other time I was pregnant so no surgery.

  • Family Reaction: husband leaves, dis-owned by family
  • Age: 30 – 34
  • Ethnic Group: Native American
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I used birth control but it did not work
  • Birth Control Used: Birth Control Pill

Female from Belarus

my long term partner and myself have used the uttermost precaution over 6 years and have never had a problem. (I have been on the pill) Recently I was laid off from work due to my company having cut back on its employes and was unable to afford the pill and do not have medical aid. We continued to use condoms and were very, very vigilant about this as we both cannot afford a baby anytime soon,and my family is very religious and have warned me about becoming pregnant and that they would consider me dead to the family if this happened outside of wedlock.

( my country does not give out free contraceptive pills) We cant afford a medical abortion as it is extremely expensive for us, we cant afford a baby, and one day we hope to marry but this will probably never occur if my family finds out that I am pregnant as they will disown me .I cant imagine loosing my family, please, I found you site by accident and this might be my only hope to return to a normal life.

  • Family Reaction: dis-owned by family
  • Age: 20 - 24
  • Ethnic Group: Northern European
  • Reason for Pregnancy: I used birth control but it did not work
  • Birth Control Used: We used a condom for men, Birth Control Pill