During Miscarriage

How does a woman care for herself during an abortion?

Miscarriage Meditation Journey
Miscarriage Meditation Journey

Be within one hour’s drive of emergency medical services, have transportation, antibiotics, and a support person before considering self-induced abortion.

Regularly monitor blood loss and body temperature during and after an abortion. A temperature of 101°F (38°C) or above or filling three thick pads in three hours or less requires immediate emergency medical care.

Utilize regular uterine massage to help prevent hematometra. Hematometra is when the uterus becomes painfully swollen with blood and clots. The clots can obstruct the release of the uterine contents through the cervical os and prevent the uterus from clamping down to finish the abortion.

Hematometra may require uterine aspiration (menstrual extraction). Uterine massage is performed by regularly pressing with force directly above the pubic bone to place pressure on the uterus and help to release clots. Passing clots during uterine massage is normal.

If you do experience a miscarriage, you will notice bleeding and cramps. The following herbs can be used during this time.

Always use clean menstrual pads and change them regularly.

Avoid tampons, douching, tub bathing, and sexua lintercourse for three weeks after a miscarriage. The opening to the uterus expands during an abortion. To avoid introducing harmful bacteria to the uterus, nothing should be allowed inside the vagina after the abortion procedure.

Avoid the following herbs and vitamins, which are used historically to reduce uterine contractions and halt spontaneous miscarriage: black haw (root bark) Viburnum prunifolium, cramp bark (bark) Viburum opulis, false unicorn (root)

Chamailirium luteum, lobelia (leaf and seed) Lobelia inflate, queen of the meadow (root) Eupatorium purpureum, red raspberry (leaf) Rubus idaeus, wild yam (root) Dioscorea villosa, and amounts of Vitamin E in excess of 100 I.U. per day.

Some teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can assist in the process of healing during and after abortion.

One TCM formula, Song Tu Fang, when taken 48 hours prior to abortion, has been shown in one study to decrease both the volume and duration of post abortion blood loss, decrease pelvic pain, and decrease the incidence of post abortion abnormal leucorrhea.

As you go through the process, you will feel various symptoms that are not always pleasant. Here are some natural methods for easing the various pains you might experience.

Laxatives for Constipation

  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin C


  • Ashwagandha tea
  • Chamomile tea

Body Pain

  • NSAID Pain Relievers

Trouble Sleeping

  • Chamomile

Tiredness and Fatigue

  • Obvious as it may seem, it is worth repeating. Tiredness and fatigue are best cured by rest and sleep.

Cold: Immune Boosting

  • Vitamin C
  • Avocado Seed Tea

Will a doctor know?

If you’re worried about talking to a doctor, keep in mind that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between an accidental miscarriage and an intentional abortion. You have no obligation to tell them you’ve attempted a home abortion. 

If you do have complications or are feeling very ill, it’s important to tell them about any substances or actions you took. You don’t have to tell them you were trying to have an abortion, though. For example, you could simply say you accidentally took too much of a nutritional supplement or injured yourself while exercising.

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